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ALL below wrote by myself.

Coronavirus will be very serious in USA in next 3-5 weeks,enven faster

I want to introduce how to help save yourself when the worst situation comes

Worst situation mean when the medical system crashes and you are infected but no one helps you.

If there is hope to go to the hospital for treatment, you should never use this method.   

This is experience cost of thousands of people’s lives and one billion people not go out for two months.


1) Buy plenty food for one month.

A thermometer, enven a very cheap one.

If you have 6 family members, buy 6 of them.

Some masks, try not to go to crowded places, if you must go to crowded places, you must wear a mask,it can help you a lot to avoid been infected.

2) Stored hydroxychloroquine, a medicine for treating malaria and lupus erythematosus, if you can buy lopinavir / ritonavir (kaletra) or Prezcobix for AIDS, kaletra is easy to buy here, but the side effects are serious, Puzeli is more expensive and the side effects are smaller .

3)Prepare a finger pulse oximeter, about $ 30. This is very important. You can check your blood oxygen indicator to see how bad/good your condition is.

4) If you can buy a large bottle of oxygen, at least 4 gallons of large bottles. the oxygen for weld also ok, though does not meet hospital standards, but it can save lives in the worst case. Of course don’t forget the matching oxygen tube, which is about $ 40. oxygen machine also works.

5) keep far from others especially your family if you think infected, but don’t be silly. there was a father infected but no hospital treating in Wuhan, he kill himself after leave home, it is a sad and pity story.

When the worst situation comes, proper use of these medicines and equipment can prevent death, but many people still lose their lives.

Everyone is selfish, dangerous, especially the worst situation, and Americans have gun . lol.

We should still help each other, but keep ourselves & family safe at first.

Why do I recommend using these medicines? Hydroxychloroquine , kaletra.

1 )The most effective medicine is probably Radixivir, but it is very expensive and difficult to get.

These medicines are easy to buy, at least here

2) A lot of hospitals here are using AIDS drugs, and few people die,we known it works. but the elderly are still very dangerous. Children are less likely to be infected and have very low mortality rates, which may be because the children are younger or receive better treatment.

Hospitals in Guangdong  tested hydroxychloroquine and kaletra, which seems to be a little better than kaletra, but we are not sure about this result, because kaletra has no effect on severe patients, and is only effective for patients with early infection. I don’t know how hydroxychloroquine affects serious patients

3) Hydroxychloroquine can inhibit an enzyme of coronavirus, slow down the speed of replication, will give your immune system a lot of time, and ultimately defeat the virus by the immune system. It usually cures in a week. The side effects of this medicine are very large. Large doses may be lethal. Do not exceed 15mg / kg per 24hours or 1000mg / 24hours.

You can check out the English guide From Korea and their mortality rate is very low. But it seems that their dosage of hydroxychloroquine is very small, you need to consult a doctor or google for safe and effective dose.

another problem is young healthy people also many die,though not as many as old people.   Everyone need be treat .

korea dont pay muchattationthem, maybe dont have enough doctor, they have to say that. really helpless